Where it All Started For The Northstar Wheelchair Conversion

The VMI Chrysler Northstar has a fully-powered, in-floor ramp that creates an uncluttered interior and obstruction-free doorway. With noise-minimizing engineering and a selection of Chrysler's most popular features, the Chrysler Northstar offers an enjoyable ride. The Chrysler Northstar wheelchair conversion van provides ease of use, safety, and flexibility. The VMI Northstar conversion offers an obstruction-free doorway, an uncluttered interior, and an in-floor power ramp for greater overall wheelchair maneuverability.

Auto Ramp

All VMI Northstar conversions come with a patented, ultra-low, in-floor power ramp that allows for safe entry and exit for even the largest power chairs. The ramp is stowed under the floor, creating more interior room for maneuverability and minimizing dirt and debris in the interior.

Removable Front Seats

Easy-to-remove front seats create multiple seating options for greater independence and flexibility. The Chrysler Northstar allows for multiple mobility devices to be on the move at the same time.

A Quieter Ride

Engineered to minimize interior noise with extensive use of sound-deadening materials.

Standard Foot Rest

A fold-down footrest offers additional comfort for passengers sitting on the rear bench.

Corrosion Resistant Floor

All Chrysler Northstar conversion floors are E-coated for optimal rust and corrosion prevention.


Featuring an 11-inch dropped floor provides ample headroom throughout the vehicle. Usable door opening height reaching 55'' makes this suitable for all but the tallest wheelchair users.