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You Deserve The Best

The LINK is a turning and lowering seat base that offers you superior vehicle access. Cutting-Edge technology designed for th edriver or passenger’s side, it provides you with simplified transfers at the ideal height to meet your specific needs. 

Get safe accessibility for your lifestyle. Installation leaves your vehicle’s frame untouched, the interior looking great and keeps your comfort and safety intact. Feel secure knowing that our design philosophy means you always keep the original seat comfort, aesthetics and, most importantly, standard safety components. 

Everything you would expect from a turning seat base, plus more… the LINK gives you complete comfort, control and safety.


  • The LINK brings complete protection for you and your loved ones. It always preserves the delicate balance between the airbags, seat position sensors, weight sensors and seat belt anchorages. It also retains the intended H-point position for all passengers. 
  • Standards you can trust. Tested for extreme  hot and cold weather, the LINK is built to last. 
  • The heavy-duty steel frame offers a 350-lb weight capacity.
  • Intelligent power management with a dynamic SLEEP MODE monitors and protects the power source, your vehicle’s existing battery. 
  • Alternate manual emergency back up for your peace of mind.
  • Backed by a 3-year warranty