XL-Seat by Adapt Solutions

Open your vehicle's door and fold the XL-SEAT down. Once transferred onto the XL-SEAT, use the retractable support arm for safety and balance while it takes you up to the driver's seat.

When using the XL-SEAT you transfer onto your original seat. You get to keep all the original features of your vehicle. All seat adjustment functions remain operational, the seatback still reclines completely; even power or heated seats can remain intact.

Lowering to the height of the rocker panel, or floor of the vehicle, the XL-SEAT can be stopped at any height, according to your needs. The transfer board is covered with a vinyl surface and slight cushioning for easy transfer and it is removable allowing easy access to the vehicle to accommodate different drivers.

The versatility of the XL-SEAT is visible when you see it, as it is extremely compact. It installs into the driver or front passenger positions of Minivans, Pickup Trucks, SUVs, and some Crossovers. It is installed into the seat's original floor bolts with little or no modification to your vehicle.


The XL-SEAT has a 275 lbs weight capacity with a 15¾¨ X 17¨transfer board. The vehicle battery is the power source and power is not drained when the XL-SEAT is not in use. Three optional trim colors are available to match your vehicle's interior: black, tan, or grey.


We offer two solutions to get a wheelchair into a minivan via the sliding door: the HI-LIFT or the SPEEDY-LIFT.

The HI-LIFT is an optional lift that works as a pair with the XL-SEAT. The HI-LIFT bolts onto the XL-SEAT and is designed to lift a manual wheelchair into a minivan via the sliding door. The HI-LIFT is one of the most compact wheelchair-lifts you will find. Complete with fully motorized lifting and lowering functions, motorized in and out swing mechanism, and a 75 lbs weight capacity.